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For over 35 years, ELANCYL has been developing exclusive patents based on formulas made effective by virtue of natural active ingredients. It combines efficacy and pleasure with skin care solutions formulated using the most up-to-date research and controlled by specialists. The textures are in perfect affinity with your skin and its biorhythms.

Their chrono-programmed formulas offer, in just one daily application, a continuous diffusion of active ingredients throughout the day.

As for their colours and fragrances, these will take you on an invigorating and enticing sensory journey...

With Elancyl, results are proven by scientific research and satisfaction study.

D-tox Hydrating Body Cream 30ml

This balm combines the detoxifying properties of ivy and pilosella with the nourishing ingredients of coconut and safflower oil.

Stretch Mark Corrector Cream-Gel 75ml

This gel acts by visibly reducing the size and colour of existing stretch marks.

Cellu|reverse Flat Stomach 75ml

FRANCE NO 1 Anti-abdominal Fat Product

Toning Shower Gel 200ml

Formulated soap-free with ivy extract to cleanse, protect and detoxify the skin.

Toning Foaming Scrub 30ml

Exfoliation rids the epidermis of dead cells, it stimulates cell renewal, increases the oxygen supply to the skin, and makes it more receptive to skin care products.

Elancyl Scretch Mark Preventing Cream

Prevent the appearance of new Stretch Mark

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