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30 years ago, Japan???s economy growth leads to a better purchasing power among Japanese women, hence the popularity of skincare and cosmetic product had increased. Many cosmetic companies had used harmful cosmetic substance and petroleum extract to cater for the high demand, which resulted to skin irritations and discoloration. Some women suffered from serious damage by using such cosmetics for years. In the later half of 70s, some women had filed lawsuit against a cosmetic manufacturer for using dangerous substance in their product causing melanoderma. Few years later, they had won and marked a major change in cosmetic industries in Japan. Act was enacted by Japanese Government that all packaged cosmetic products must provide ingredient listing to protect consumers from unsafe or deceptively labeled. Since then, concern and knowledge of Japanese women towards contents within skincare product increases. In 1980???s, two skin care companies in Japan started to manufacture Additive-Free skincare products and one of them is HABA. 1983 ??? HABA was established with a beauty concept based on Squalane. We started research and development on health food as well as non-additive Cosmetics. We have excluded irritants and additives, which were used for cosmetics till then and focused on formulating Squalane; a natural ingredient exists only in human, as key ingredient in our cosmetics. This beauty theory remains with us till today. 1990 ??? Our first factory in Tomakomai, Hokkaido! Not only just a factory, it is a community based ???garden factory???. With its abundant supply of pure water and clean air, the rich nature of Hokkaido provides inspiration to manufacture ???addictive free??? product. 2003 ??? Record best-selling product in the history of HABA. The WHITE LADY was first appeared as GWP item in 2002. Well received by customers, we have started selling WHITE LADY as regular product. It was featured in many magazines and created a sensation. In fall of 2005, approved as a medicated (Quasi-drug) whitening serum for the first time in cosmetics, containing highly-concentrated Vitamin C. Till end of April we had sold 5.7 millions White Lady around the world. Today, we are distributing our products in nine different countries, with one believe ???Additive Free???, that hold us together since our humble beginning. We developed from a home brand to an International chain with inspiration of pursuing true beauty.

Lift-Up Serum

A revolutionary aging care serum that gives resiliency to the skin. It penetrates deep into the skin and stimulates the production of collagen and works on wrinkles and sagging

Squa Cleansing (Make-up Remover)

Pure Roots - Make-up Remover

SQ Force Lotion

A face lotion for adult men gives moisture without sticky feel for all seasons. Can be used after shave and for entire dry body

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