Total Repair 5 Deep Repairing Mask

by L'Oreal Paris

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Total Repair 5: 5 problems, 1 solution. The first total reparation of the 5 signs of damaged hair with Cement-Ceramide, that works similarly to natural hair cement. Keeps hair strong and healthy by filling in cracks for strengthened and resilient hair. After shampoo, squeeze out excess moisture and apply generously on lengths. Leave for 1 minute and rinse. Use as part of completeTotal Repair 5 range for optimal results.
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What our members said after using this product . . .

I would like to get a sample for this product.

- soksok
2016-08-26 15:56:29

i would love to try this product. send me the sample please..

- solussagax
2016-08-18 07:55:01

I'm constantly have a hair damaged and had used one of L'Oreal Paris shampoo and hair conditioner. The result was satisfying. I haven't try Total Repair 5 Deep Repairing Mask though. I would like to try the sample before posting the full review for this product.

- Zurinah20
2016-08-12 05:14:28

Would like to get a sample to try it out first.

- jusim
2016-07-12 05:43:05

I would like to request this sample :) Thank you

- nanashy
2016-07-09 09:17:48

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