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Sensitive Skin is more at risk of developing pigmentation defects than other skin types. This is because it reacts in an excessive manner-remove to everyday aggression and as a result is more prone to irritation. This, particularly when combined with even low exposure to the sun, frequently results in the formation of unattractive blemishes-remove. Over the long term the skin and the complexion becomes irregular and lacks radiance.

As specialists of sensitive skin, Avėne Dermatological Laboratories have developed SENSITIVE WHITE, a new range of whitening skin care with Avėne Thermal Spring Water-remove. It contains a unique combination-remove of 3 complementary –remove actives combining efficacy and good tolerance to meet the needs of sensitive skin while also respecting its fragility!

  1. Avėne Thermal Spring Water - reduces skin sensitivity. This active water has natural soothing, anti-irritant and antiradical virtues.
  2. Ascorbyl Glucoside (Vit C precursor) acts at the surface by increasing skin renewal. It eliminates excess melanin produced.
  3. Extract of myrtle acts deep down to regulate the pigmentation process. This plant extract, rich in polyphenols and anti-free radical flavonoids, reduces the amount of melanin produced by melanocytes.

Avėne Sensitive White range is formulated for Sensitive Skin and it is Paraben, fragrance and alcohol free

With its 3 complementary –remove products, this program will quickly become the invaluable ally of sensitive skin, and restore its translucence.

Whitening Lotion smoothes the skin's texture and prepares it for receiving the other products in the range, which as a result are better absorbed for maximum efficacy.

It has a very pleasant texture upon application. It is delicate on the skin, and leaves a subtly soft film-remove Rich in moisturizing agents, the Whitening Lotion leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated*.

Whitening Essence has a high concentration of actives to help effectively fight the formation of brown spots and to maintain a pale and translucent complexion. Its efficacy is reinforced by the presence of moisturizing agents.

Whitening Fluid helps to prevent skin discoloration and to maintain a clear and translucent complexion. It guarantees a perfectly shine-free finish.

Result: Lightening of brown spots**

**Effectiveness and use tests were performed on 40 women with sensitive skin in Japan and 64 women in Korea for 1 month.

*upper layers of the skin

Available in September 2010 at selected Guardian Pharmacy, Watson’s Personal Care Store, Sasa Cosmetics and Independent Pharmacies.

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i want to try this product.always interested in this brand

- norezahmohdhata
2018-08-15 16:25:11

Hi,I would like to try this product.TQ.

- TRACY1129
2018-04-19 01:34:52

I want to get free sample for this product. Thank you.

- ZahirahArif
2017-03-08 05:21:57

Hi, I would like to try out this product. Thank you.

- joannekinki
2016-11-02 12:30:24


2016-09-29 07:58:03

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