RéNUlife Detox Tea Natural Botanical Tea

by NUTRASOLS laboratories

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Colon cleansing is a subject that cannot be overlooked in the quest for extended youth, weight loss, and total health. Constipation occurs when bowel transit times slows, and brings with it numerous health concerns. Sometimes the body's systems need a little help along the way, and ReNUlife Detox tea helps this to happen naturally. Though you might have a regular bowel movement once a daily basis, chances are your body is still suffering from constipation. During the digestive process, moisture is extracted from consume materials. As a result, the matter becomes gluey, and coats the walls and fills the pockets of the colon and intestines. This medium becomes stagnant and hard, and is no longer able to pass through the multiple sections of the digestive tract. These stagnant layers, usually black in color, are potentially dangerous and are referred to by doctors as "mucoid plaque." Colon dysfunction and mucoid plaque can contribute innumerable health problems including stomach pain, over-weight, fatigue (easy to get tired), lack of concentration, poor nutrition, low immunity, skin blemishes and problems, bloating, flatulence, and much more.

Possible reaction:
  • Mild abdominal pain as a signal to go toilet –
  • senna give a mild laxative effect
  • Removal of large quantities of feces –
  • better digestion and remove unwanted waste in the digestive system
  • Increased frequency of urine elimination due to diuretic effects

  • Ingredients: The ingeniously synergistic ReNUlife Detox tea actually assists in the strengthening and toning of the bowels as it cleanses. This combination acts as a mild laxative, digestive aid and diuretic. This formula is mild, yet effective.

    Main Ingredients : Folium Camelia Sinensis The leaves have been used in traditional Chinese medicine and other medical systems to treat asthma (functioning as a bronchodilator), angina pectoris, peripheral vascular disease, and coronary artery disease.
    Flos Chrysanthemum Morifolium Chrysanthemum infusion is used to reduce fever, to counter infection, and to detoxify the body. Chrysanthemum relieves mild fevers and tension headaches, soothes a dry mouth or throat, and treats bad breath.
    Rose Rugosa Rose hips of some species, especially Rugosa Rose (Rosa rugosa), are a rich source of vitamin C. With one to two percent vitamin C, by dry weight, rose hips have a higher content than citrus fruit.
    The benefits of green tea:
  • high in level of polyphenols promote thermogenesis (fat burning process)
  • study shown green tea increase energy expenditure and boost metabolism
  • green tea high in antioxidants which helps in general health maintenance

  • * The preceding statements are provided for information only. This Product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases. Results may vary from person to person.
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