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What is dietary fibre? 
Divided into non-water soluble dietary fibre and soluble dietary fibre, these fibres are mainly derived from the cell walls of plants, including cellulose, hemicellulose, resin, pectin and lignin. Dietary fibre cannot be digested by the body’s decomposition process.

Why is dietary fibre important? 
Interestingly, dietary fibre does not have any nutritional value but plays many roles when present in the gut. It reduces accumulation of toxins in the body, promotes intestinal peristalsis and lowers cholesterol to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Dietary fibre also has a significant effect in the prevention of colorectal cancer. 

Nutrition scholars refer to dietary fibre as the “7th nutrient” and the Food and Dietary Association (FDA) recommends that the appropriate amount of dietary fibre can assist in the prevention of obesity, coronary heart disease, cancer, and colon cancer. 

The American Heart Association recommends that the general daily dietary fibre intake for an adult should be 25-30. Statistics show that more than half of the population consumes less than 15 grams of dietary fibre per day, leading to an increasing number of people facing constipation and toxins in the body. \"A large number of scientific researches have confirmed that lack of dietary fibre, an unbalanced diet are significant reasons for the increase in obesity, diabetes, atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, and malignant conditions. 

How FibreGo works
  1. It has Psyllium fibre which is extremely rich in fibre and helps absorb toxins in the large intestine to be excreted. Drinking FibreGo before a meal gives you a sense of being full and it also binds excess fats. 
  2. Bitter orange fruit fibre high in antioxidant that promotes intestinal detoxification, at the same time helping to reduce appetite for controlled eating. 
  3. Aloe Vera stimulates the movement of food to different processing stations in the digestive tract (peristalsis) and promotes better stool excretion. 
  4. Green Tea is an antioxidant that helps fight bacteria, virus, and certain tumours as well as control blood sugar levels and prevents low density fat from being absorbed. 
Why choose FibreGo?
  1. It is formulated according to leading U.S. Nutrition Research guidelines and prepared specifically for the Asian physique and body composition. It presents no side effects and will not cause dependence on the formula. 
  2. All ingredients are natural and high in quality. FibreGo’s main ingredient is the high purity psyllium which has fibre content of 80%, and makes up 70-80% of an individual’s daily intake of soluble dietary fibre. Comparatively, fibre-rich grains like oats and wheat bran only contribute 15% and 10% of daily fibre consumption respectively. Additionally, psyllium fibre has the ability to absorb water and swell to about 50 times from its original form, helping in large intestine motility and promotes smoother excretion. 
  3. FibreGo taste great and has impressed the general public who often fear the poor taste of dietary fibre. Even kids will love its natural taste!
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