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Why is SoyaFitz unique? 
SoyaFitz is specially formulated to fit your lifestyle. Go about your daily life as usual- no dieting, no starving, and no need for a special menu yet enjoy a healthier and slimmer body!

It is all-natural without pharmaceutical engineered ingredients, resulting in zero side effects, giving you peace of mind throughout the process of losing or maintaining weight.

The 4 major components of SoyaFitz include:

  • Cut down calorie intake 
  • Accelerate fat burning 
  • Increase metabolism 
  • Reduce accumulation of fat 
The SoyaFitz edge
  • 100% natural 
  • No chemical composition 
  • No side effects 
  • Activates cells and strengthens the immune system 
  • Improves skin condition 
  • Detoxifies the system for slimming 
  • Reduces possibility of edema (swelling) 
SoyaFitz characteristics
  • Minimises cravings for sweets and starchy foods like rice 
  • Proteins to help retain overall skeletal muscle throughout the weight-loss process 
  • Protects against thinning skin 
  • Whitening and moisturising properties prevent the appearance of freckles and wrinkles. 
What’s in SoyaFitz?
  • Organic soybeans 
  • White kidney beans that blocks the body from absorbing excessive starch (carbohydrates) 
  • Slimade Plus increases body’s metabolism to accelerate the burning of body fat. It also helps endocrine regulation, promoting drainage to eliminate edema (swelling from fluid accumulation in the body) 
  • Garcinia cambogia stimulates bodily functions to speed up metabolism of fat, preventing excess fat from being absorbed by the body, and is excreted. 
Consuming SoyaFitz
  • Mix one packet of SoyaFitz with 200ml warm / cold water, stir and drink 30 minutes before a meal for best effect. 
  • For rapid weight loss, take 2 packets of SoyaFitz daily before a meal. 
  • For body weight maintenance, take 1 packet of SoyaFitz daily before a meal. 
Suggested SoyaFitz program

  • Weight loss is more effective by combining detoxification by drinking 3 liters of boiled water a day together with regular intake of SoyaFitz. 
  • Incorporating FibreGo can help you achieve your desired body weight. 
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Who should be taking SoyaFitz?
    Individuals on a long-term diet to lose weight but lack results, people who have no time for exercise or are not following a balanced diet. It is also suitable for women at their post-delivery stage who want to regain their slim body and healthy weight. 
  2. How long will it take to see results?
    As with all products, time is required before experiencing results. It is recommended that SoyaFitz, a natural fat reducing drink, be taken continuously for 90 days (1 cycle) for best results. 
  3. Are there side effects from taking SoyaFitz?
    SoyaFitz is made from 100% natural organic soybeans and raw ingredients that meet the health and safety standards of regulatory bodies. It is safe and suitable for long-term consumption to achieve a slimming effect. 
  4. Do you need to cut out food or diet while taking SoyaFitz?
    No. It is important to remember that SoyaFitz is not a meal replacement, you can eat normally after taking SoyaFitz but for better results, a balanced diet with SoyaFitz is highly recommended.
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Can i get the free sample? Thank you ^^

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2016-01-22 07:41:32

can i have a free sample for this please ? <3 thanks

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2015-12-26 15:49:50

May I have the free sample, please? Thank u.

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2015-09-17 01:44:07

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